Jolly’s Tea Room

Jolly’s Tea Room, Milsom Street, Bath

Our star rating: ★★★★☆

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Type: Cafe Tearoom

Price: cheap • reasonable • expensive

Attached to Jolly’s (or otherwise known as House of Fraser), Jolly’s Tea Room is Bath’s own version (and more reasonable) version of London’s Fortnum & Mason. Brilliantly British (the dangling china cups and saucers give that one away), with a modernised vintage decor is just the place to visit when you’re browsing around the beautiful streets of Bath. Jolly’s Tea Room is honestly my absolute favourite place to brunch in Bath, and as you can see from the photographs; I always go for the classic Eggs Royale. Arguably the best Eggs Royale I have ever eaten out, and after choosing it for the first time we dined in Jolly’s Tea Room, I have never had to look at the menu since. Eggs Royale and a latte is my classic order.

The Food

Although I rave about Jolly’s food, being the tastiest salmon on a Eggs Royale I have had, Harry actually doesn’t speak as highly of this place as I do. One huge letdown when Harry orders a Full English is that they don’t do baked beans… what?! What place doesn’t have baked beans? (Jolly’s apparently). I agree with Harry that beans are one of the crucial elements of a Full English. It isn’t a Full English without. So if you’ll be as devastated as Harry was when they replied with “sorry, we don’t do beans”, I would perhaps recommend this place just for a coffee and cake!

With the above said, this does not affect the quality and deliciousness of the food that Jolly’s do serve. The menu offers a variety of breakfast items which are available until 12pm, as well as lunchtime favourites, such as sandwiches, omelettes and afternoon tea. The last few times we have been to Jolly’s, Harry has either had a Full English breakfast, or the omelette, which (minus the beans episode), he agreed the food was delicious.

IMG_3426.jpgIf you’re not interested in stopping for breakfast or lunch, then I urge you to stop for at least a cake and cuppa. The selection of cakes Jolly’s offer are freshly made, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. I would 100% recommend the chocolate slice – no exaggeration when I describe it as heaven on a plate! Alternatively, if you would prefer something lighter, then I can for sure highly suggest opting for a macaron (or two… or four!) I’ve tried almost every flavour they offer!


The Service

We have been to Jolly’s about three or four times, and the service has been a little hit or miss. We have been served by friendly staff (who actually gave us a free extra macaron as I couldn’t decide which flavour to choose… If you know me, you’ll know macarons are my absolute favourite. I describe them as little bites of heaven, because that’s exactly what they are!) However, Jolly’s has let us down a couple of times with slow and not the friendliest of service. Despite this downfall, their delicious Eggs Royale and selection of cakes make me answer the question “where do you fancy eating?” in Bath, with Jolly’s almost every time.

Although there are elements that let Jolly’s down, the food has always been so tasty, and we have always gone back for more which is why we have rated this place so highly! If you’re in Bath, and you’re searching for the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of tea, make sure you visit Jolly’s – I would go as far as awarding it one of my favourite cafes in Bath.

If you check out Jolly’s Tea Room, please comment on this blog post, or post an Instagram and tag us @CutleryAdventures and Hashtag #CutleryAdventures! We would love to see your meals out!

Happy eating, happy reading!

Love Rachel and Harry    x


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