Miller and Carter

Our star rating: ★★★★☆

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Type: Steakhouse restaurant

Price: cheap • reasonable • expensive

Steak-lover? Your heart will be content with our first food review!

We have been to Miller and Carter quite a few times together, the first being for my birthday in September (where I ate meat for the first time in 9 months). And all I am going to say is, it was possibly the best meal to have as a non-veggie! Although Harry is a huge fan of steak meals, I hadn’t actually eaten steak very much, even before being vegetarian in January.  M&C offer alternative dishes other than their famous steak, such as various burgers, including vegetarian burgers and pastas. Although I was not aware of this at the time, I don’t think that would have stopped me from devouring a steak for the first time in about a year.


The Food & Drink

Although the price of the meal usually ends up being rather expensive, Miller & Carter is definitely not one of those places that is stingy with their food. If you opt for a steak, you also get included a salad bowl, a salad dressing of your choice, grilled tomatoes, an onion ‘loaf’ – as they call it – (which are so good, Harry usually asks for additional ones), and a steak sauce. Delicious! We both agreed that we would describe Miller & Carter with a caption of the most reliable restaurant with tender and mouth-watering steaks – because that’s what it exactly is!

Last time Harry and I went to Miller & Carter, we decided to order the ‘Steak for Two’ – a ‘Chateaubriand 16oz’ fillet steak cooked to our liking (medium-rare), which we shared with a side of garlic prawns, garlic ciabatta and extra onion loaves (along with the standard salad, dressing etc as aforementioned)… don’t judge, we were hungry! The steak was juicy and full of flavour, however we did both agree that we preferred the single steak meals, as the steaks have been more succulent and tender. Perhaps this was due to the steak for two being a bigger cut of meat, meaning that this may have had an effect on the texture and softness of the meat.



Whenever we visit Miller & Carter (mostly on a special occasion), we always find ourselves going back to their refreshing mocktails and cocktails. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are equally worth ordering. I have also had a rosé wine (one of their sweetest ones, as I am not a huge dry/med-dry wine lover in the slightest), which I will be ordering again next time. My first sip of a wine I have not tried before is always a skeptical one – will I cringe at every sip, or will this be easy-drinking for me? However, I was pleasantly surprised by the rosé, making it very easy and enjoyable to drink.

The Service

Every time we have been to Miller & Carter, we have received exceptional service. The waiters and waitresses are happy to give recommendations to what they think will suit your personal taste and which drinks or sides may complement your main. Furthermore, we have asked to move tables due to being sat in a noisy area, and they happily set us up a table and moved us with no agro. The staff seem to be welcoming, friendly and genuine without seeming pushy or careless.

Cleanliness and Decor

Although this restaurant is in the heart of Cardiff, walking in to this luxury restaurant makes you feel like you’re in London. This is perfect place as a special occasion with your partner or family, I personally feel like it has a very formal business atmosphere, (yet not in a negative way). The expensive atmosphere of being in a luxury indulgence adds to the ambience that accompanies your meal.

So if you’re looking for a steakhouse to visit, a special occasion or just an excuse to indulge in a juicy steak, then Miller & Carter is the place we recommend! You may want to note that we have only ever eaten at the Miller & Carter in Cardiff’s City Centre, however being a premium steakhouse, it would be expected that every restaurant upholds this standard throughout. Perhaps this is our sign that we should try out the more local branches to make sure *silently victory dances*.

If you check out Miller & Carter, please send through a message via our email:, comment on this blog post, or even post an Instagram and tag us @CutleryAdventures or Hashtag #CutleryAdventures! We would love to see your meals out!

Happy eating, happy reading!

Love Rachel    x


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