Cutlery Adventures by Rachel and Harry

Hello & welcome to Cutlery Adventures!

We decided to create this blog to review the best (and possibly not so good) meals and eatery places we have been to. As a couple, we love going out for meals, so we thought why not create our very own blog!

Our blog is intended for reviews about food places and coffee shops mostly in the UK, but possibly abroad too when we take our cutlery adventures on holiday.

We hope you enjoy our reviews, and perhaps one day you may take a trip to our favourite places!

Happy eating, happy reading!

Love Rachel and Harry x

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Disclaimer: All images on this blog are owned by and have been taken by us (Rachel Jefferies and Harry Milsom-Dyer) unless stated otherwise. More photograph details will be listed at the end of the image’s blog post if necessary.Β We are not professional food critics, we are just offering our own personal reviews.